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What do you know about private and public bathroom seats?
Regardless of gender, one thing remains certain. Restrooms are
Hotspots of bacterial contamination. One study found that private and public restrooms harbor
skin and gut bacteria. Our wipes kills 99.9% of bacteria.
The averages person spends about 3 years of their life on the toilet during a life time. The
average person uses the restroom approximately 2,500 times in one year.
We made these product to ease the anxiety of using private and public bathrooms.

Toilet Anxiety is Real

Phobia of using toilets----Try Our Toilet Seat Wipes!

  • Toilet anxiety is the phobia of using toilets. It is very common but not well spoken about, it is the anxiety of fear that surrounds your need to use the toilet. Toilet anxiety can manifest as different things

Don't let bacteria on public and private toilet seats put your health at risk. By using our Toilet Seat Wipes, you can sit on toilet seats without ever worrying about germs and bacteria getting on your skin. Our light weight wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Toilet Seat Wipes are used for wiping toilet seats before and after using the toilet. Our toilet seat wipes are a practical, safe and efficient way to keep family and friends safe. Toilet seat covers are not 99.9% sanitary. However, our Toilet Seat Wipes are! You can use these wipes for practically anything; they are multi-purpose  and can be  used for everyday cleaning and sanitizing. Our wipes  are tough enough to get the job done yet gentle enough to keep the earth safe. 

  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses

  • Our wipes are biodegradable, made from high quality natural ingredients, like wood pulp for easy Eco-friendly flushing.

  •  Our wipes are infused with leaf and aloe extract for natural safe cleaning and less allergens.

  • Fragrance Free

  • Our pop up dispenser can be stored on the back of the toilet for easy, discreet cleaning

  • Safely sanitize toilet seats before use and after use

  • Multipurpose wipe can be used for cleaning practically anything

  • Great for potty training, those who travel, janitorial services, housewarming, mommies, toilet phobia, teachers, students and so much more

  • No animal testing! 

  • Safe for Septic Tanks also

Our philosophy is simple! We believe that family is important and the only way to keep them safe is by practicing good hygiene and cleanliness. We want to help as many people as we can to stay safe. We created these products with you and your family in mind. We truly hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy keeping your family safe. Stay safe out there! This product is designed to keep your family safe and help your family feel safe when using private or public restrooms. We suggest buying two, one for your family and one for someone you love to give as a gift. Thank you for your purchase of our toilet seat wipes. 

  • What is wood pulp generally used for?
    Wood Pulp is commonly used in: 1. Tissue 2. Printing 3. Writing paper 4. Specialty paper
  • Why did we choose bridgeable wood pulp for our material?
    Wood pulp has no harmful effects and is safe for the environment, products are made from recyclable products, and made with natural ingredients. It is safe to be flushed in toilet and septic tank. The long, strongfibers of softwood trees like Southern yellow pines and Douglas fir are commonly used to make products.
  • Will you have Biodegradable toilet wipes in future?
    Biodegradable toilet wipes in a travel size will be available soon
  • Should I use toliet seat covers?
    Although toliet seat covers may look appealing it is actually not as safe and clean as you may think. Check out this article explaining the 5 top reasons not to use toliet seat covers. 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Toilet Seat Covers | LoveToKnow

All funds generated are donated to 501c3 non profit organization

We are a family corporation that acted in response to COVID-19. Our corporation created these products to keep our families safe. We need you around, stay safe out there!  Thank you for helping us create jobs and a safe environment for everyone all around the world.

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